Safe online casino

Online casino safety should be top priority for anyone signing up to any online casino, since this is a site that you will be trusting with not only personal information but also your own money as well as any money you win during the course of your game playing. There are hundreds of online casinos active at this very moment, all of them claiming to be the best and shouting out about their plus points and reasons why you the player should choose that very casino. It’s easy to get caught up in the glamour and excitement of a bright shiny online casino that is offering you 100% free money to match your first deposit, or monthly reload bonuses every single month. Of course these are important factors in making an informed decision, but should never take priority over your online safety and security.

How do I recognise a safe online casino?

Now that is a million dollar question so to speak because no fraudulent casino is ever going to have a flashing banner screaming out that is not to be trusted. But don’t fret there are ways to get to know your casino of choice and find out what other players have to say about them and how they handle their business. The first thing to look for when playing at an online casino in Europe is a license, the logo should be found somewhere on the casino site. A couple of accepted licenses in Europe are the LGA which stands for Lotteries and Gaming Authority Malta and the RGL which stands for Remote Gaming License Gibralter. These licenses are there to make sure that the casinos that fall under their supervision adhere to the laws and regulations for gambling establishments in Europe. Any casino that has one of these licenses is generally a safe online casino.

What do the gaming licenses cover?

The gaming licenses cover all aspects of the gambling business that could fall threat to fraudulent and unsafe behaviour. Some of the problems that this license cover the players and operators from are crime, corruption and money laundering. They are also in place to make sure that the player is given a fair game and that the online casino is completely safe and 100% transparent in its operations. Another reason why these laws and licenses are in place is to protect the innocent and vulnerable such as minors and people who are susceptible to addictions.

What is RNG?

RNG is another logo to look out for when checking out potential safe online casinos to play in. This stands for Random Number Generator, and by choosing a casino that has been certified to use this you ensure that all online casino games are fair and safe. What RNG does is to make sure that the numbers on a roulette wheel for example are random and not generated in favour of the casino in any way. This is true for all casino games of course from the cards that come out in a card game to the way the reels spin on slot machines, everything is random and automated to be as fair as should be.

How do online casinos promote responsible gaming?

Every safe online casino will have a page dedicated to responsible gaming, plus it will have a number of options to help you make responsible choices when playing at their casino. Gambling addiction is a serious illness and although playing casino games can be fun and prosperous for most players, some do fall victim to addiction. The responsible gaming initiative is all about helping people realise and regulate this problem with addictions. One of the ways in which safe casinos will help players to gamble within their means is by offering them a daily or weekly limit to play with. The player has the option to decide how much he or she can afford to lose in a week, as this is the way gambling should be played with money you can afford to lose and still live a relatively comfortable life.

So for example the player decides on a 100 euro a week bet limit, once this money has been played away, a good trustworthy casino will not allow the player to deposit any more money should they wish to until the following week. Another option that safe casino online have is a time limit, this is a sort of gambling alarm that will go off every 30 mins or every hour, letting the player know that amount of time has passed. When playing your favourite slot game you may be having so much fun you just don’t realise the time is passing by, as they say time flies when your having fun, but the more time you spend on a game of course the more money you will need to spend. So this timer is a safety alarm set by the casino to help you play less.

Casino reputations

All the information in the world is not worth as much as word of mouth, as many online casinos and websites may focus solely on the positive sides on the online casinos deemed as safe. But you can rest assure that players who have had a bad experience will be shouting about it all over forums and websites wherever possible. The best way to find out about how safe and secure a casino or gambling site is, is to talk to like minded players who have played at the online casino before. Did they have any issues with depositing or worse still withdrawing money? How was the customer service? Where they knowledgeable and helpful? Did they handle the players personal and financial information with the utmost confidentiality? These are all questions fellow online gamblers can answer honestly through experience and are well worth checking out before committing to an online casino.

Personal and financial information – safe and secure?

When you sing up to a casino that you think is safe and secure, you will of course have to part with personal information such as name, telephone number, address and so on. You may even have to part with credit or debit card details if you choose to pay by this means of deposit method. So what happens to this information and can it be accessed by every Tom, Dick and Harry who work at the online casino you have chosen? The answer should be NO. All personal information should be encrypted and stored in the database which can be accessed only by the player inserting his or her password. There is a whole complex procedure to be followed but the end result is complete safety and security from internal fraud or hackers.